GPU Acceleration

As of Typesense Server v0.25.0, Typesense can generate embeddings natively, with data in your JSON documents, using any of the built-in ML models listed here (or using OpenAI API or PaLM API).

When you use one of the built-in ML models, you can improve performance of the embedding generation significantly, during indexing and at search time (for eg, when doing semantic / hybrid search) by having Typesense utilize a GPU.

GPU Acceleration is available in the following RAM / vCPU configuration in select regions:

Memory vCPU
8 GB 4 vCPUs
16 GB 4 vCPUs
16 GB 8 vCPUs
32 GB 8 vCPUs
32 GB 16 vCPUs
64 GB 16 vCPUs
64 GB 32 vCPUs
128 GB 32 vCPUs
128 GB 64 vCPUs
192 GB 48 vCPUs
256 GB 64 vCPUs
384 GB 96 vCPUs

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